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DVE Technologies offers a complete range of GFI - Grid Feed Inverters, efficient Permanent Magnet Generators, Vibration control systems and other system enhancing components


Let us help you focus on your core activities in designing the most efficient renewable energy system; we have different OEM solutions ready!


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Product overview - see how you can implement a GFI Grid Feed  Inverter for your small wind turbine


VM102 Vibration Sensor


The new PHE Heating Controller from DVE Technologies offers a cost attractive solution for using a wind turbine in combination with heating elements.

The VM102 Vibration monitor from DVE Technologies provides real-time, automatic and accurate vibration monitoring of the mechanical structure of wind turbines. The VM102 improves the overall system safety in combination with the GFI inverter series, by monitoring the structural vibrations

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News - Aquisition by Orbital A/S


We are happy to inform you, that Orbital A/S and DVE Technologies ApS have joined forces, to become a market leading supplier of controllers and inverters for small and medium sized wind turbines. ...read more...


For inquiries related to new, third-generation inverters, please forward them to sales@orbital.dk.

For other inquiries related to first- and second-generation inverters or PMGs please direct them to rp@dvetech.dk


Permanent Magnet generators

The PMGI range of permanent magnet generators comes from 3kW up to 20kW.

The PMGI range of permanent magnet generators comes from 3kW up to 120 kW. The PMG's are designed as a heavy duty construction weighing making them ultra stable for small wind turbines, wave energy, bio mass and hydropower.

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